Agenda – 12 October 2023

Agendas Uploaded on October 10, 2023

Members of the Public can join the meeting via Teams: Meeting ID: 336 020 249 248  Passcode: TkzVgr


  1. WELCOME – The Chair to welcome all to the meeting and introduce Councillors present.
  2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – To accept apologies for absence that have been submitted to the Clerk, prior to the start of the meeting.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS – Councillors to declare any personal or prejudicial interest they may have in respect of any items on the agenda.
  4. MINUTES – To approve, and the Chair to sign as a correct record, the minutes of an Ordinary meeting of the Council, held on 21 September 2023.2023-09-21_DRAFT MINUTES
  5. RESIGNATION OF COUNCILLOR – The Council to accept the resignation of Councillor Mynhardt Kitshoff and to agree to publish a notice to inform residents of a vacancy on the Council.
  6. NEW COMMUNITY FACILITIES – To discuss the progress of community amenity provision in the Whitehouse area. 2023-10-12_ITEM06_NEW COMMUNITY FACILITIES
  7. MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC AMENITY LAND AND OPEN SPACE – To discuss maintenance issues in the area and to provide any updates.
    • Diwali – Saturday 11 November 2023
    • Christmas Celebration – Sunday 10 December 2023
    • MK CAN – Monday 16 October 2023
  10. SUMMER PLAY SESSIONS – MK PLAY ASSOCIATION REPORT To receive feedback from MK Play Association on the play sessions they managed the Council’s behalf over the summer school holidays. 1. 27th July Whitehouse Summer Report   2. 3rd August Whitehouse Summer Report    3. 9th August Whitehouse Summer Report   4. 17th August Whitehouse Summer Report   5. 24th August Whitehouse Summer Report   6. 31st August Whitehouse Summer Report
  11. PROPOSED CHANGE TO STANDING ORDERS – APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – To receive a meeting attendance report and to approve an amendment to the Council’s adopted Standing Orders to include a deadline for the receipt of apologies for absence, at which point, unless for reasons of an unavoidable emergency, Councillors will be recorded as absent without apologies. 2023-10-12_ITEM11_COUNCILLOR ATTENDANCE RECORD
  12. CONSULTATION – CONSENT STREETS IN WHITEHOUSE – To Council has been invited to comment on a Milton Keynes City Council Consultation on Consent Streets, some of which are proposed in Whitehouse. The deadline for comment is 1 November 2023. 2023-10-12_ITEM12_CONSULTATION ON CONSENT STREETS
  13. FINANCE 2023/2024
    • Authorisation of Payments
    • Council Budget Report 2023/2024
  14. EARLY DAY MOTION (EDM) – FROM DR JULIAN LEWIS MP – A CALL FOR TOUGHER SANCTION TO DEAL WITH POOR BEHAVIOUR IN LOCAL COUNCILS – The Council to consider writing to MK South’s MP, Iain Steward requesting him to support Early Day Motion to be presented in parliament by Dr Julian Lewis MP to call for tougher sanctions to deal with poor behaviour in local councils. 2023-10-12_ITEM14_EARLY DAY MOTION 2023-10-12_ITEM14_EARLY DAY MOTION – TEMPLATE LETTER 2023-10-12_ITEM14_EARLY DAY MOTION – WHCC’s CIVILITY AND RESPECT PLEDGE
  15. INVITATION TO TAKE PART IN D-DAY 80 – 6 JUNE 2024 – To consider taking part in D-Day 80 on 6 June 2024. 2023-10-12_ITEM15_INVITATION – D-DAY 80 – 6 JUNE 2024
  16. MKALC (MILTON KEYNES ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL COUNCILS) CONFERENCE – 22 NOVEMBER 2023 – The Council may nominate up to two parish councillor representatives to attend the MKALC Conference on 22 November 2023, in Oldbrook, at a cost of £30 per delegate.  Main discussions will be planning policy, neighbourhood plans and the new city plan (to replace the Local Plan).
  17. ELECTION TO NALC SMALLER COUNCIL COMMITTEE – To advise that Councillor Godwin Michael has announced his intention to run for election to be a member of the NALC Smaller Council’s Committee.  The Committee has been set up to represent smaller council interests (smaller councils are those with less than 6,000 electorate).
  18. PLANNING APPLICATIONS – The Council is asked to consider making comment to Milton Keynes City Council on the planning applications below:
  • Application 23/02032/CLUP – 118 Longhorn Drive, MK8 1DF – Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed loft conversion with rear dormer and three front roof lights and single storey rear extension.
  • Application 23/02033/HOU – 118 Longhorn Drive, MK8 1DF – Conversion of the loft, with the erection of two front dormers and skylights to the rear.
  • Application 23/02173/DISCON – Land off Watling Street (V4) WEA (‘Fairfield’ – Areas 10.1 – 10.3) – Approval of details required by Condition 22 (Ground Investigation Report) and 23 (Soils Action Plan) of permission ref: 05/00291/MKPCO.
  • Application 23/02185/DISCON – Land South of Calverton Lane and West Watling Street, WEA – Approval of details required by Condition 3 (Landscape and Ecological Management Plan) of permission ref: 23/01395/FUL.
  • Application 23/02191/DISCON – WEA Area 10.1 – 10.3 Watling Street H3 to H4 – Approval of details required by Condition 9 (Lighting) of permission ref: 21/00318/REM.