Community Facilities Map

Community Facilities Map

We have compiled a map of Whitehouse showing various facilities available for residents. You can access this below, using the side panel to switch between the different categories:

Dog Bins

To help the dog owners of Whitehouse, we have installed dog waste bins along popular dog-walking routes. Please be responsible and always clear up dog waste, and use the bins we’ve provided. If you find a location that you think would benefit from an extra bin, please email us to let us know:

Litter Bins

There are numerous litter and recycling bins throughout Whitehouse. Some of these are maintained by Milton Keynes City Council, and some by The Parks Trust.


We have installed a public access defibrillator and a bleed control kit on the front entrance to Whitehouse Primary School. Access instructions are displayed on the front of the cabinet, and require you to call 999 to gain the unlock code.

Community Facilities

Allotments, the community centre, grocery store and notice boards can be found here.

Winter Maintenance

Grit bin locations can be found here. Grit is provided for residents to use to treat any icy roads or pavements.