The first allotment site in Whitehouse is planned to be opened in 2024. This site will consist of approximately 120 plots of either 70 or 75 square metres.

Where are they?

You can see the location of the first allotment site on a map here: Initially access will be via Upper Weald and Stratford Road. In future, access will be possible from within Whitehouse, as the area grows westward towards the allotments.

What’s the cost?

70 square metres: £8.33 per month (£100 per year).

75 square metres: £9.16 per month (£110 per year).

October 2023 Update

This month we emailed residents who had been on our waiting list the longest to offer them a plot. We have been told to expect the allotments to open “early 2024”, and will confirm the exact date once it’s been given to us. For those residents who have been allocated an allotment, we will be sending out further emails with details of the plot you’ve been allocated, along with a tenancy agreement and details of how to pay your deposit to secure your plot.

We still have a small number of residents on the waiting list. After the initial allocations have been completed, we will be in touch with those on the waiting list to let them know their position on the list.

A second allotment site will be coming in the future, although we don’t have any details of the timeline for this at the moment.

I’d like an allotment

We still have a small waiting list for allotments, but as allotments become available they will be allocated to those residents on the waiting list based on the date they applied for an allotment. So, if you are interested in a plot, then please complete the information below so that we can add you to the waiting list. Please note that allotments will only be allocated to residents of Whitehouse, and are limited to 1 allotment per household.