Agenda – 30 May 2024

Agendas Uploaded on May 25, 2024

Members of the Public can join the meeting by Microsoft Teams:    Meeting ID: 388 522 517 264  Passcode: U7D57h 


  1. WELCOME – The Chair to welcome all to the meeting and introduce Councillors present.
  2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – To accept apologies for absence, submitted to the Clerk prior to the start of the meeting.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS – Councillors to declare any personal, prejudicial or pecuniary interest they may have in respect of any items on the agenda.
  4. MINUTES – To approve, and the Chair to sign as a correct record, the minutes of an Ordinary meeting of the Council, held on April 2024. 2024-04-18_DRAFT MINUTES
  5. CLERK’S REPORT – The Clerk to provide information on the outcome of decisions and actions taken since the last meeting. 2024-05-30_ITEM05_CLERKS REPORT
  6. COMMUNITY MEETING PLACE – To agree to delegate to the Clerk, in consultation with the relevant Working Group. the authority to carry out any of the procurement processes relating to Community Meeting Place contracts, but only in circumstances where deadlines may be missed if the Council waits for approvals at forthcoming Council Meetings and where it may not be feasible to set up extra-ordinary Council meetings.
  7. MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC AMENITY LAND AND OPEN SPACE – To discuss and highlight any maintenance issues in the area.
  8. DECISIONS MADE UNDER THE COUNCIL’S ADOPTED SCHEME OF DELEGATED AUTHORITY – To accept the decisions made under the Council’s adopted scheme of delegated authority, made between this and the previous meeting.
  9. DRAFT ASSET REGISTER 2024/2025 – To approve the Draft Asset Register for 2024/2025. 2024-05-30_ITEM09_DRAFT ASSET REGISTER 1  2024-05-30_ITEM09_DRAFT ASSET REGISTER 2
  10. DRAFT RISK MANAGEMENT REGISTER – To consider how the Council mitigates risks and approves the Draft Risk Management Register for 2024/2025.  The Council to re-visit the Risk management Register 2024/2025 later in the year to ensure risks associated with management of new facilities are considered.  2024-05-30_ITEM10_DRAFT RISK MANAGEMENT REGISTER 2024-2025
  11. INSURANCE ARRANGEMENTS 2024/2025 – The Council to consider its level of public and employee liability and its fidelity guarantee level to ensure sufficient insurance cover. 2024-05-30_ITEM11_INSURANCE COVER
    • To agree adoption of an Investment Strategy for 2024/2025. 2024-05-30_ITEM12_DRAFT INVESTMENT STRATEGY
    • To set up a Lloyds Savings Account as an interim measure until the Council decides where to invest its reserves in the medium and longer term.
  1. DRAFT COUNCIL POLICIES 2024/2025 – The Council to adopt or consider adopting the following draft policies for 2023/2024:
  1. WHITEHOUSE COMMUNITY COUNCIL – NOMINATED CHARITY 2024/2025 – The Chair to consider nominating a charity to support for 2024/2025.
  2. EVENTS 2024/2025

The Council to receive an update on the Council’s events for 2024/2025:

  • Summer Family Fun Day – 14 September 2024
  • Diwali Celebration – 26 October 2024
  • Christmas Fayre – date tbc
  • Chinese New Year – February 2025
  1. DOG BINS – The Council to consider installing two new dog bins at the following locations:
  • Junction of Shetland Drive and Jersey Way, along the public footpath
  • Opposite Watling School on Simmental Way at the future ‘Orchard Play Area and Park’ (depending on developer installations that may be installed in the area).


  1. FINANCE – AUTHORISATION OF PAYMENTS – To authorise payments made and to be made. (Report to Follow)
  2. ONLINE PAYMENTS – The Council to consider setting up a Stripe Account to enable hirers of the Community Meeting Place and Allotment Tenants to make online payments that will link into the Council’s accounting software.
  1. PLANNING APPLICATIONS – The Council to consider making comment to Milton Keynes City Council on the following planning applications:
  • Planning Application 24/01086/DISCON WEA Area 10.1 Parcels P and V – Approval of details required by Condition 3 (Landscaping and LMMP), 8 (Garden Areas) and 9 (Communal Gardens – flats) of permission ref: 22/02373/REM
  • Planning Application 24/01054/DISCON – Land West of Shetland Drive and South of Calverton – Approval of details required by Condition 8 (EV Charging Point) of permission ref: 21/03106/FUL.
  1. BOROUGHWIDE STREET TRADING CONSENT – LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 – To consider commenting on the following MKCC licensing applications:

Applicant:                    Maya’s Kitchen

Details:                        Renewal licence – Korean Street Food Van (Reg AO05   OAJ

Proposed Trading:      Tuesday to Sunday 17:00 to 20:00

Deadline:                     31 May 2024


Applicant:                    Mr Gucci Ices

Details:                        Variation to licence – 1 ice cream van (Reg R481 OSH)

Existing Hours:           Monday to Sunday 15:00 to 18:00

Hours Applied:            Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 21:00

Deadline:                     22 June 2023

The next scheduled meeting of the Council is Thursday 20 June 2024, 7pm at Watling Academy.