Agenda – 27 June 2024

Agendas Uploaded on June 21, 2024

PUBLIC FORUM:  A maximum of 30 minutes is allocated for members of the public to speak on any community matter.  Questions to be posed to the Council should be submitted to the Clerk by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

Email:                 Tel: 07743 916196

 Members of the Public can join the meeting by Microsoft Teams:

Meeting ID: 324 220 085 699                           Passcode: 8JZkJj

This meeting will be filmed and recorded and may be published on the Council’s website.  The gallery area will not be filmed, but any comments by the public will be recorded.


1.WELCOME – The Chair to welcome all to the meeting and introduce Councillors present.

2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – To accept apologies for absence, submitted to the Clerk prior to the start of the meeting.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS – Councillors to declare any personal, prejudicial or pecuniary interest they may have in respect of any items on the agenda.

4. MINUTES – To approve, and the Chair to sign as a correct record, the minutes of the Annual Council Meeting and an Ordinary meeting of the Council, both held on 30 May 2024. 2024-05-30_DRAFT ANNUAL COUNCIL MINUTES 2024-05-30_DRAFT MINUTES

5. CLERK’S REPORT – The Clerk to provide information on the outcome of decisions and actions taken since the last meeting.

6. NEW COMMUNITY FACILITIES – Paul Van Geete (Milton Keynes City Council) has been invited to the meeting to provide update reports.

Allotment Site

    • To receive a progress report on the opening of the Allotment Site.
    • Discounts to Tenants: Due to the delay in opening, the Council to consider offering discounts for the 2024/2025 allotment year, to those tenants that have paid a deposit and a 6-month tenancy prior to 1 October 2024.
    • Community Meeting Place – To receive a progress report on the opening of the Community Meeting Place and to set up a Working Group to organise the Community Centre launch.
    • Temporary Shop – To receive a progress report on the opening of the temporary shop (Dorset Way).
  1. 7. MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC AMENITY LAND AND OPEN SPACE – To discuss and highlight any maintenance issues in the area.
  2. DECISIONS MADE UNDER THE COUNCIL’S ADOPTED SCHEME OF DELEGATED AUTHORITY – To accept the decisions made under the Council’s adopted scheme of delegated authority, made between this and the previous meeting.
  5. ANNUAL GOVERNANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY RETURN (AGAR): ANNUAL INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT 2023/2024 – To receive and approve the Annual Internal Audit Report 2023/2024, as signed by the Internal Auditor, and to agree to submit the Internal Auditor’s report to the External Auditor.2024-06-27_ITEM11(a)_AGAR_SIGNED INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT 2024-06-27_ITEM11(b)_INTERNAL AUDIT FULL REPORT
  6. CONFIRMATION OF THE DATES OF THE PERIOD FOR THE EXERCISE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS 2023/2024 – The Council to set the dates of the period for the exercise of public rights to access and inspect the Council’s accounts.  The period must be 30 working days (Monday to Friday) and must include the first 10 working days of July 2024. Dates recommended: Monday 1 July 2023 to Friday 9 August (inclusive). 2024-06-27_ITEM12_AGAR_EXERCISE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS
  7. CHAIR’S NOMINATED CHARITY 2024/2025 – The Chair to consider nominating a charity to support for 2024/2025.
  8. EVENTS 2024/2025 – The Council to receive an update on the Council’s events for 2024/2025:
  • Summer Family Fun Day – 14 September 2024
  • Diwali Celebration – 26 October 2024
  • Christmas Fayre – December 2024
  • Chinese New Year – February 2025


    • Authorisation of Payments: To authorise payments made and to be made.
    • Council Budget: To receive the Responsible Finance Officer’s report on the Council Budget 2024/2025.
  1. PLANNING APPLICATIONS – The Council to consider making comment to Milton Keynes City Council on the following planning applications:
  • Planning Application 24/01233/NMA – Parcels Q and R, Land Off Watling Street (V4), WEA (‘Fairfield’ – Areas 10.1 – 10.3) Non-material amendment seeking the new location of constructed single block of 4 No. maisonettes (plots 36-39), relating to permission ref 21/03526/REM for the approval of reserved matters, pursuant to outline permission ref 05/00291/MKPCO for 175 dwellings.
  • Planning Application 24/01193/FUL – Gas Distribution Station, Land Off Calverton Lane – replacement of existing post and rail fencing with 2.4m security fencing (358) mesh types, required to protect an existing cross country valve.
  • Planning Application 24/01239/ADV – Land at Barrosa Way – Advertisement Consent for a ‘Whitehouse Community Council’ sign (Regulation 3 application under the Town & Country Planning General Regulations 1992).
  • Planning Application 24/01238/DISCON – Site of Community Meeting Place, Barrosa Way – Approval of details required by condition 8 (Cycle Parking) of permission ref 20/01378/FUL.
  1. EXCLUSION OF PRESS AND PUBLIC – In accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Members) Act 1960, the Council to resolve to exclude the press and public for Agenda Item 18 (Community Centre Contracts) due to the confidential nature of the item to be transacted, in that the item contains information and details of costs and negotiations relating to contracts.
  2. COMMUNITY MEETING PLACE – AWARD OF CONTRACTS – The Council to award contracts for the following services:
  • CCTV installation and Annual Maintenance
  • Alarm Response
  • Cleaning Contract
  • Waste Management
  • Sanitary Waste and Collection
  • Window Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning