Assisting residents with outstanding maintenance issues

Whitehouse Community Council is collating all open & outstanding issues around maintenance of public areas from residents which need to be escalated to the developers of Whitehouse.

If you have multiple issues to raise, please complete the form multiple times, so that each issue is recorded separately. This will really help us in managing the list of issues.

If you would like any more information about this survey, please contact

The form is here: Form to report outstanding maintenance issues

Who’s Responsible in Whitehouse?

Housebuilders / Developers

Currently, most areas of Whitehouse have not been adopted by Milton Keynes City Council. This means that responsibility for maintenance remains with the original housebuilder who developed that street.

Milton Keynes City Council
The following roads HAVE been adopted, and issues should be addressed to Milton Keynes City Council through their online reporting tool here:
  • Longhorn Drive
  • Pineywoods Lane
  • Heren Lane (from Longhorn Dr to Red Poll Way)
  • Angus Way (from Heren Ln to Whitbred Chase)
  • Vaynol Way
  • Randall Avenue
  • Whitehouse Medical Centre
The Parks Trust
All parks and most open space in Whitehouse will eventually be adopted by The Parks Trust. At the moment, only the following areas have been adopted, and issues should be addressed to The Parks Trust:
  • Whitehouse Park, Longhorn Drive
  • Lady Margery’s Gorse, Brahaman Way